Ex.-trafficker boat for young criminals

In Naples

(ANSA) - Naples, November 15 - A former migrant traffickers' boat is to be used by Naples youths convicted of Camorra mafia association, drug pushing and robberies to start rebuilding their lives through sailing.
    The Blue Marlin II, which once ferried Syrian, Kurdish and Afghan migrants from Albania to Puglia at 5,000 euros a head, is now docked in the port of Naples and waiting for the local Jonathan Association to start teaching troubled youngsters how to sail.
    "When we heard it had been seized we made a request to the police in Gallipoli, and the Taranto judges assigned it to us," said Silvia Ricciardi of Jonathan.
    Eight youths are already learning how to maintain and repair the boat, which Albanian traffickers were caught transporting 57 asylum seekers on.