Respect from Carabinieri - Ilaria Cucchi

Stefano remembered as a symbol, Ilaria tells ANSA Forum

(ANSA) - Rome, October 15 - Ilaria Cucchi, the sister of a Rome draughtsman allegedly beaten to death by Carabinieri after being picked up on a minor drugs rap 10 years ago, told an ANSA Forum Tuesday that she expected the Carabinieri defendants to show "respect" for her brother Stefano and their own "honest" colleagues.
    "What must I ask of the Carabinieri on trial?" she asked.
    "Nothing. Just respect for Stefano and for all their honest colleagues who every day carry out an honest job and must not be linked with people of that kind".
    Ilaria Cucchi told the ANSA Forum that cover-ups and laying false trails in the probe into her brother's death had started "immediately".
    "The false trails, that cost so much to our family, started immediately after (Antigone inmates' rights group chief Patrizio) Gonnella and (Good Law group chief Luigi) Manconi gave the news of his death with their first communique, which was relaunched by ANSA," she said.
    She went on: "I'd like Stefano to be remembered as a symbol, for everyone to remember Stefano Cucchi.
    "The last people die of indifference, to give a voice and hope to those who have no instruments to fight the battles that are needed.
    "To give a voice to the last ones, that's how I'd like my brother to be remembered." Ilaria Cucchi added that her brother had died "of justice and prejudice".
    A sentence on the five Carabinieri accused of beating Stefano Cucchi so badly he died of his injuries in hospital is expected on November 14.
    A Carabiniere turned witness said the cops kicked Cucchi "for fun".
    There is a risk of recent cover-ups in the Cucchi case, family lawyer Fabio Anselmo said at the end of the ANSA Forum.