Teacher in hot water over 'one cop fewer' post

Novara woman said she did not write post, criminal probe opened

(ANSA) - Turin, July 29 - The Piedmont education authority has notified a woman teacher that she faces a disciplinary procedure over a shocking social-media post related to the homicide of a Carabiniere police office in Rome last week. An account belonging to the Novara-based teacher, Eliana Frontini, said that death of Carabiniere Mario Cerciello Rega, meant there was "one fewer". Frontini has been summoned to a disciplinary hearing on September 2 for alleged "conduct that seriously goes against her educational role and is gravely damaging to the image of the school". Novara prosecutors have opened a criminal probe into an alleged offense against the armed forces in relation to the case.
    The teacher told ANSA on Monday that she did not write the post, even though she had apologized for it at the weekend. "I didn't write that post," Frontini said.
    "Those who know me know that I don't think those things.
    "For reasons that I will explain only to those who I must tell, I took the responsibility for something that I did not do.
    "It wasn't hacking. It's just that my account and my computer were used.
    "I didn't say so before because I didn't think it would become such as big deal".