Foetus a person during labour -top court

Obstetrician found guilty of culpable manslaughter, not abortion

(ANSA) - Rome, June 20 - The foetus must be considered a person during its mother's labour, Italy's top court said Thursday.
    A negligent obstetrician this must answer to culpable manslaughter and not culpable abortion if she causes the death of the foetus during labour, said the supreme Court of Cassation.
    In the present context of "total broadening of the safeguard of the rights of the person and the notion of subject deserving of safeguard," the top justices wrote, "the foetus, although still in the uterus, must be considered a "man" during labour.
    Safeguarding potential rights extend from the future person to the conceived child to the embryo, the Cassation Court said.
    The court's rulings set precedents for the Italian legal system