Duty of memory base for future - pres

Visits Shoah Memorial in Milan

(ANSA) - Milan, May 21 - The duty of memory is the basis for future co-existence, President Sergio Mattarella said Tuesday visiting the Milan Shoah Memorial.
    "As much as has been read and seen, every moment of this kind is strongly involving and impressive," he said.
    "The abyss of evil is unimaginable and the duty of memory is the basis for the future, for the co-existence of the future".
    During his visit, which lasted about three quarters of an hour, the head of State saw the most significant places of the Memorial - the wall of indifference, the witness rooms, the wall of names and the plaques of the convoys, the platforms of deportations - and also got onto one of the freight carriages that made up the convoys of the deported Jews.
    This latter was "the place where the impact is strongest," said the president of the Memorial foundation, Roberto Jarach.
    Jarach underscored that Mattarella was the first Italian president to visit the Memorial since it was opened in a space at Milan's central rail station.
    photo: Mattarella with Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre