Migrant attacks Foggia centre director

Demands 50 euros

(ANSA) - Foggia, October 11 - A migrant burst into the asylum-seeker reception centre (CARA) in Foggia and attacked the director on Thursday, local sources said.
    The migrant threatened the director with violence and demanded 50 euros from him, the sources said.
    The incident happened at the CARA at Borgo Mezzanone on the outskirts of Foggia.
    Carabinieri arrested the migrant, 26-year-old Nigerian Kelvin Iwekub, on charges of attempted extortion and resisting arrest.
    Iwekub left the centre some time ago, sources said.
    Migrants allegedly attacked police, hurting two, at the Foggia CAR earlier this week after cops handcuffed a Gambian migrant to their car.
    But an organization representing migrant rights said Wednesday, publishing a video on Facebook, that the migrants did not attack police officers but instead tried to prevent the "brutal arrest" of the 26-year-old Gambian asylum seeker.
    The farm workers' committee 'Campagne in lotta' said there was no "cowardly aggression" against the officers by some 50 migrants on Monday at the asylum seeker processing center at Borgo Mezzanone after the police stopped the Gambian, Omar Jallow, as police union SAP previously claimed.
    In the video, the Gambian man is seen handcuffed to the tire of a police car, agitated and with a wounded arm, while a friend tries to medicate him and a group of migrants is screaming: "Leave him alone, he is not an animal".
    Meanwhile on Wednesday Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini said Jallow, an asylum seeker, will be expelled from Italy in record time.
    "Protection denied! These criminal fake refugees" must leave Italy, said Salvini.