Caltanissetta prosecutor gets bullet

After Fava on Monday

(ANSA) - Caltanissetta, October 11 - A prosecutor in Caltanissetta in Sicily got a bullet through the post on Thursday.
    The envelope containing the slug was sent to Caltanissetta Chief Prosecutor Amedeo Bertone.
    "I will not stop, I'll go on with my work, with my whole office," Bertone told ANSA.
    The magistrate is is working on various cases including the so-called "Montante system" named after the former head of Sicilian industrial federation Sicindustria, Antonello Montante, who was placed under house arrest on May 14 on charges of conspiracy to commit corruption.
    He is also working on cover-ups and "deviations" in probes into the 1992 Mafia bomb slaying of anti-Mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino, as well as continued investigations into the other Mob bomb slaying that year, of Borsellino's friend and colleague Giovanni Falcone.
    It is the second such incident this week.
    On Monday Claudio Fava, chair of Sicily's regional anti-mafia commission, received an envelope containing a 7.65-calibre bullet.
    His commission is also probing the Montante system and the Borsellino cover-ups.