Haven wreck diver body found

Cause of death unknown

(ANSA) - Genoa, July 9 - The body of a diver who went missing while resurfacing from the wreck of the Haven supertanker near Genoa Sunday was found on Monday.
    It has yet to be established why Ornella Bellagarda, 50, failed to get to the surface.
    The wreck, the largest in the world, is a popular site for divers. The 109,700-tonne Cypriot-registered tanker exploded off the northern port city in April 1991, killing six and injuring 30 and spilling tons of oil into the sea.
    The ship burned out of control for four days before sinking with over a million barrels of oil aboard.
    The environmental and economic impact was massive.
    The coast near the Haven's grave is a major fishing area and the coasts are among the most dramatic in the Mediterranean, providing a vacation ground for tourists.
    Eighteen months after the disaster, tests showed that a 15km stretch off the coast between Genoa and Savona was still heavily polluted.
    Even 12 years after the event, pollution from the Haven was still significant on French and Italian shores.