Abortion top cause of femicide - posters

Calls for Mayor Raggi to intervene

(ANSA) - Rome, May 14 - The appearance of new billboard posters declaring that "abortion is the top cause of femicide in the world" have sparked shock and anger in the Italian capital.
    The ads were run by the CitizenGO campaign ahead of an anti-abortion march in the city on Saturday.
    There were calls from several quarters for Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi to intervene to have the posters taken down.
    "The posters that appeared today in several Rome boroughs are the umpteenth attack on women's right to choose," said Tina Balì, the head of the Rome and Lazio section of the CGIL trade union.
    "Defending the right to abortion, guaranteeing the correct application of law 194 (for legal abortions), which will have its 40th birthday in a few days, should remain a priority for our region and the whole country so that women do not resort to alternative methods, which are often lacking in hygiene and health protection.
    "We call for a speedy intervention so that these posters are removed as soon as possible". CitizenGO said that there was an "attempt to censor and silence those who tell the truth about abortion, which ends the life of a child and seriously injures that of a woman". Italy has recently suffered an alarming spate of femicides - murders of women, usually by their current or former partners.