Cicciobello with measles draws fire

Don't trivialise disease says pro-vaccine doc

(ANSA) - Rome, April 4 - The latest version of the popular doll Cicciobello, suffering from measles it can be cured of by cancelling the spots with a wipe, cream and band-aids, has caused a furore on Italian social media and elsewhere.
    "We're now waiting for Cicciobello Lymphoma and Cicciobello Meningitis too," said pro-vaccine doctor Roberto Burioni.
    "You can't trivialise disease in this way," he said.
    Other social media users called for the controversial doll to be withdrawn.
    Also calling for its withdrawal was the head of the Higher Health Institute, Walter Ricciardi, who told ANSA "linking an illness like measles with something entertaining is misleading.
    "You run the risk of inducing people to worry more about the vaccine, which is safe, than the disease which is, on the other hand, not absolutely banal".
    Italy has a fairly strong 'no-vax' movement of vaccine skeptics.