Moroccan ready to 'self immolate' (3)

Man arrested in August abusing former partner

(ANSA) - Genoa, December 19 - Prosecutors believe that a Moroccan national arrested in Genoa in July on domestic abuse charges was a returning foreign fighter who wanted to "self immolate" in a terrorist attack for ISIS in Italy. As a result a Genoa judge has issued a new arrest warrant for 29-year-old Nabil Benhamir, who has been in prison for months in relation to allegations of violence against his former partner. Benhamir is suspected of being a "major figure" in ISIS who returned to Europe "with the aim of training other members of the Islamic State to produce and use explosives", according to prosecutors. Searches uncovered instructions on how to ignite explosives with old cell phones, one of which was in the man's possession, videos of suicide attacks, the 'wills' of other suicide attackers and WhatsApp communications that allegedly suggest he had a mandate for action in Italy. The investigation was conducted with the cooperation of Europol, the FBI and the Dutch police. Police said Benhamir had received "the call" to action and was awaiting instructions on how to carry out terror acts.
    "'Nabil writes to sister Farah: the caller has called...I must go to work...Inshallah, may God prolong my age and destiny.
    Pray for me,'", documents drafted by prosecutors on the basis of wiretaps said.