No to vaccine appeal by objector parents (3)

In reggio Emilia

(ANSA) - Modena, December 7 - A Reggio Emilia court on Thursday rejected a suit from the parents of a girl who was excluded from nurseries in Capri and Correggio because she had not been vaccinated. The parents are conscientious objectors to vaccines and deliberately did not have her vaccinated, saying a set of compulsory vaccinations for school admissions was discriminatory. The sentence was one of the first in Italy on the issue, which has roiled the country.
    On November 22 the Constitutional Court rejected the Veneto regional government's appeal against compulsory vaccinations for school admissions, saying the issues in question were the business of the national legislator.
    In its ruling, the top court said making vaccinations compulsory was justified by the fall in the numbers of children that have been vaccinated.
    The government has made 10 vaccinations compulsory for school admission.
    Several parents across Italy have seen their children refused admission because they have not had the necessary vaccinations.
    There have been public protests against the government move.
    European Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis said recently that 'no-vax' anti-vaccination movement members should "visit the graves of children" who died because they were not vaccinated. Then, he said, they should "think about what they are doing".
    He said they have a "moral responsibility" for what happens to their children and they "don't understand what they are doing".
    Andriukaitis said "it would be a disgrace if the families that belong to these movements were to bury their children just as happened this year in those countries where children die of measles". "I'd like to invite them to visit the cemeteries of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries: they'll find many tombs of dead children who died because there were no vaccinations".