4 Como skinheads cited for violence (3)

8 have been ID'd

(ANSA) - Milan, November 30 - So far four of a group of neo-Nazi skinheads from Veneto who raided a pro-migrant group meeting in Como on Tuesday have been cited for private violence, sources said Thursday. They have been identified from video footage shot by participants in the meeting. The other members of the Veneto Fronte Skinheads are being ID'd, police said.
    Tye later said that eight of the skinheads had been identified.
    The group was reported Wednesday to have been 13 strong.
    DIGOS security police said they were reconstructing the background to the raid, at which the skinheads read out a pamphlet on the alleged invasion of Italy by migrants. The police are trying to find out how the skinheads got winds of he pro-migrant meeting and how they hatched the idea of raiding it.
    If necessary, police said, they would question the volunteer aid workers present at the meeting, who filmed the skinheads as they, in turn, were being filmed.