Noemi injuries caused by 'various means' (2)

16-year-old killed by boyfriend in case that shocked Italy

(ANSA) - Specchia, September 20 - The "multiple injuries" found on the body of Noemi Durini, a 16-year-old killed in Puglia by her 17-year-old boyfriend this month in a case that shocked Italy, were caused by "various means", according to an autopsy, sources said on Wednesday. It has not yet been possible to establish with certainty what those means were due to the state the corpse was in when it was found. As a result, histological analysis of tissue will be necessary. The body does not show any signs that Noemi was stuck by rocks, which was reportedly an initial hypothesis, the sources said. The ex boyfriend has confessed to the homicide and said he stabbed the girl to death. DNA testing is also being run to identify people who may have been in physical contact with Noemi before she was killed and with her corpse afterwards. The father of the boy is under investigation over suspicions he may have helped hide the body or been complicit in another way. Noemi's funeral will take place in the town of Specchia later on Wednesday. The judicial authorities are reviewing how the case was handled as Noemi's family had reported the boy to a prosecutor for minors over his violent conduct before the homicide.