Noemi's skull crushed (2)

Face unrecognizable, cause of death not yet established

(ANSA) - Specchia, September 14 - It has not yet been possible to establish how Noemi Durini was killed due to the state of her corpse, investigative sources said on Thursday. The 16-year-old's boyfriend has confessed to the homicide, saying he stabbed her to death in a case that has shocked the nation.
    Her skull was crushed by a rock, her face was unrecognizable, her body had many injuries, probably inflicted by wild animals, and it was in state of decomposition. Therefore, it has not been possible to determine whether stab wounds were present. It will be necessary to wait for the outcome of an autopsy in the next few days to be sure of the cause of death. There had been reports that the girl had been killed by one or more blows to the head with a rock. Her body was found in countryside in the area of Castignano del Capo, near the southern city of Lecce, partially covered by rocks.
    The boy told investigators that he killed the girl "because she was pushing for all of my family to be killed," sources said. He said a knife that Noemi had with her was the murder weapon.
    He also said that he had intended to flee to Milan. Police struggled to save the boy from a lynching when he left a station at the southern town of Specchia overnight following questioning. The crowd began especially angry when he lifted his hand as if to wave at them. Justice Minister Andrea Orlando and the Italian judiciary's self-governing body, the CSM, have opened procedures into the fact that a 17-year-old had been reported to prosecutors for minors in Lecce over his violent conduct, sources said Thursday.
    The report was filed by the mother of Noemi's mother, Imma Rizzo.