No public funeral for slain Puglia boss (2)

Romito killed by two shots to back of neck, farmers chased down

(ANSA) - Foggia, August 11 - The police chief of the Puglia city of Foggia has forbidden a public funeral for suspected mafia boss Mario Luciano Romito, who was among four people killed in a hit at the nearby town of San Marco in Lamis on Wednesday. The funeral of Aurelio and Luigi Luciani, two brothers and farmers who were also killed, apparently because they witnessed the hit, will take place later on Friday. San Marco in Lamis has declared a day of mourning. Romito's brother-in-law and driver was killed too. Romito was murdered by two shots to the back of the neck, sources said Friday following autopsies. His brother-in-law and driver, Matteo de Palma, was also killed by a shotgun blow to the back of the neck. The Luciani brothers were chased down in their pickup truck and killed with shots from a AK 47 Kalashnikov rifle, according to autopsies, sources said Friday. Aurelio Luciani got out of the vehicle and tried to run away but was hit by two shots to the side and one to the backside. His brother was shot twice in the head and once to the back of the neck.