'Cockroaches in Naples hospital' (3)

Second case in Italy in less than a week

(ANSA) - Naples, June 19 - Green Campania regional councillor Francesco Borrelli told ANSA Monday he had found cockroaches next to medicine in the ER department of Naples' San Giovanni Bosco Hospital overnight. "There were cockroaches on a shelf next to medicines in the ER," he said. Borrelli, who said he was set to see the hospital's health director, Luigi De Paola, said "the problem is that in most cases cleaning contractors don't do their job properly". It is the second such case in less than a week in Italian hospitals. Last Wednesday cockroach nests were found in the kitchens of Turin's Molinette Hospital. Patients and their relatives were shocked.
    "We're already worried about our relatives and now e have to be careful about everything," said Antonio, voicing the hope his mother would soon be discharged from the general surgery ward.
    Assunta, tending to her mother, said "it's a disgrace that a hospital should be reduced to such a state.
    "Hygiene is lacking in here, whole it's supposed to be a place that's clan in every slightest detail".
    Salvatore asked "but is it really true there are cockroaches as well as mosquitoes? "How disgusting!"