Man holes up in home (3)

Throws stuff from balcony

(ANSA) - Turin, May 18 - A man holed up in his fifth-floor flat on the outskirts of Turin and threatened to start shooting Thursday.
    The man, reportedly of Calabrian origin, said he was being persecuted and shouted from the balcony barely intelligible phrases against the mafia, demanding to see journalists.
    The man piled up chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture against the flat's door.
    He broadcast the scene on Facebook, showing a handgun on his bed.
    The man threw from the balcony documents, videocassettes, furniture and a Venetian blind.
    Police laid out an inflatable mattress in case he decided to jump and negotiators started talking him down.
    A merchant in Calabrian goods, the man has a shop in Via Forlì.
    An acquaintance at the scene said: "He seemed to be a quiet guy, he was working up till yesterday".
    The man was still holed up and refusing to let police in or to come down after several hours Thursday evening.