More people found alive at Rigopiano (2)

Six others already tracked down

(ANSA) - Rome, January 20 - Other people, believed to be a group of five, have been found alive in the wreckage of the avalanche-devastated Rigopiano Hotel in Abruzzo, firefighters said Friday. The number has yet to be confirmed.
    Earlier on Friday rescue workers tracked down six survivors inside the structure that was hit by an avalanche on Wednesday, when a series of powerful earthquakes rocked central Italy.
    Other sources had initially put that number at eight, not six.
    Two other people were rescued on Thursday and two bodies have been retrieved.
    Around 35 people are thought have been in the hotel at the time of the avalanche.
    A woman and her son were pulled out of the rubble Friday and taken to hospital in Pescara.
    They are the wife and son of another survivor, Giampiero Parete, who escaped the avalanche because he went to get an aspirin for her from a car.
    The mayor of the Marche town of Osimo, Simone Pugnaloni, said three other survivors were from his municipality - 41-year-old policeman Domenico Di Michelangelo, his 37-year-old wife Marina Serraiocco and the couple's seven-year-old son.