Corruption-crime waste 'link' - Cantone

'Need to keep eyes peeled,' says anti-corruption agency chief

(ANSA) - Palermo, September 27 - Waste disposal is an issue on which there is an "objective interrelationship" between corruption and organised crime, the president of the national anti-corruption authority (ANAC) Raffaele Cantone said Tuesday.
    "(Waste) is one of those sectors where for objective reasons there is a very strong presence of money, huge interests and the presence of collusive companies, and so we must keep our eyes peeled," Cantone explained. "And then there are the problems related to ordinary waste disposal, which often generate emergency situations," he added.
    "We know that often other things are concealed behind emergencies," Cantone said. The Neapolitan former anti-mafia prosecutor also warned against considering the anti-corruption agency as having redemptive powers. "I don't feel myself to be the country's saviour, nor do we have the capacity to do it," Cantone said. "If we are asked to play a role in regard to our areas of competence, obviously that is our institutional duty," he added.