Dead girl found in pool (3)

In San Salvatore Telesino country villa

(ANSA) - Benevento, June 20 - The naked body of a 10-year-old Romanian girl was found last night floating in a swimming pool, sources said Monday. Her clothes, neatly folded, and shoes were found at the side of the pool.
    Carabinieri questioned some 30 people in a bid to find out what happened to the girl. The child went missing last night from the historic village of San Salvatore Telesino in Benevento province, where she lived with her Romanian parents. She reportedly told her father, a farm laborer, and her mother, a caregiver, that she was going to church. Her body was found in the swimming pool of a country villa used to host weddings and other receptions. The villa was closed to the public on Sunday.
    Carabinieri police on the scene are taking statements from potential witnesses.