Oxfam slams EU-Turkey migration deal

'Trades lives for political concessions'

(ANSA) - Rome, March 18 - Oxfam human rights organization on Friday slammed a deal signed today at an EU-Turkey summit on refugees and asylum seekers. "The accord... violates international and European Union law, trading human beings for political concessions," said Oxfam Italy Director Elisa Bacciotti. "(It) is another step towards the abyss of inhumanity - moreover one disguised with withering hypocrisy, as a tool to combat human trafficking. European border control cannot be paid with human lives".
    "We call on the EU to (set up) safe and legal humanitarian corridors" for asylum seekers, Bacciotti said. "Member States must take refugees in, according to their quota. One cannot put a cap on this fundamental responsibility. You cannot stop migration, only manage it as well as possible, and the Europe that comes out of this umpteenth summit is dramatically far from this approach".