Toxicologists meet in New Orleans

Philip Morris presents new cigarette alternative

(ANSA) - New Orleans, March 15 - More than 6,500 toxicologists are convening in New Orleans for the Society of Toxicology's 55th edition of its global meeting aimed at developing research into the adverse effects of chemicals on the human body.
    Scientists and experts are taking part in plenary sessions, workshops and round-tables discussing the latest technological innovations and research themes.
    The March 13-17 meeting is also hosting ToxExpo, the biggest exhibition dedicated to toxicology and related biomedical sciences, which includes more than 350 exhibitors.
    U.S. cigarette and tobacco company Philip Morris International is presenting a study of its "Heat Not Burn" cigarette alternative.
    The iQOS device heats sticks containing tobacco, and the company says it could reduce risks compared to smoking because it does not rely on combustion.
    Studies have shown that combustion in cigarettes, with the harmful substances the process emits, is a principle cause of illness linked to smoking.
    The Philip Morris study shows that the iQOS can reduce the formation of harmful and potentially harmful substances by 90% on average compared to a standard cigarette.
    It is due to submit the research to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by the end of 2016.