30 wounds to Varani body

Died of shock due to blood loss says autopsy

(ANSA) - Rome, March 11 - Luca Varani, a young Roman man murdered a week ago by two acquaintances for kicks in Rome, was struck some 30 times with a knife and a hammer before dying of shock from blood loss, according to this week's autopsy, sources said Friday. The knife found in his chest did not pierce his heart but his left lung, the autopsy found. Meanwhile a blonde woman in her mid 20s who met Varani a couple of hours before the crime came forward to police on Friday.
    It was not immediately known what she told them. Varani, who was tortured during a cocaine-fueled party, and the woman are said to have met on the train from Viterbo to Rome last Friday around 07:30 local time. Varani was heading for the apartment in the Collatino area of east Rome where he was brutally murdered.
    The apartment's owner Manuel Foffo and fellow student Marco Prato have been arrested on charges of murder aggravated by cruelty after confessing to the crime.
    The pair intended to "hurt someone" and looked for a victim for at least 48 hours prior to choosing Varani and inviting him over to Foffo's flat, investigators said.