Woman convicted for making daughter beg

Supermarket customers noticed girl, informed police

(ANSA) - Turin, March 8 - An Italian court on Tuesday sentenced a woman to three years and four months in prison for mistreating her disfigured daughter and forcing her to beg daily.
    The girl, now 14, had been forced to beg since she was five outside the same supermarket. Some regular customers noticed she was always there and informed police in 2013.
    Investigations showed that one of her sisters also begged outside a hospital, and took the money she received to a nearby Roma people camp, where they both lived with their mother, 31, her partner, and five other small children.
    The disfigured girl was forced to clean the shack where they lived.
    "I am the oldest of my siblings and I feel responsible for them," she told the court during a protected hearing. "Sometimes I withheld some coins to buy a blanket, a brioche or some diapers. Once mum realised I said they were gifts from a lady. Otherwise I would have been beaten up," she said.
    The adoption process for the two girls is now in process.
    Their mother has run away to Romania, taking the other children with her.