Pedophile ex-friar's conviction upheld

Biagio Alberto Almanza, 39, to spend nine years in prison

(ANSA) - Trapani, February 22 - A Sicilian court on Monday upheld a nine-year sentence against a former friar for sexual assault on a minor, making it definitive.
    Pantelleria native Biagio Alberto Almanza, 39, was convicted at his first- and second-tier trials in Marsala in 2014 and in Palermo in 2015.
    Criminal cases in Italy must go through three trials before a verdict becomes binding.
    Almanza was found guilty of sexually assaulting the 12-year-old son of a Pantelleria couple on numerous occasions in 2008.
    Although the incidents took place before he became a friar, he posed as one in order to gain the parents' trust.
    The ex-friar had a prior conviction for pedophilia in Milan, and had taken refuge in a L'Aquila convent when he was arrested in the Pantelleria case in 2012.