Italy's pets go on holiday with owners

Study shows 47% of Italians take their dog with them

(ANSA) - Rome, August 10 - Many of Italy's 60 million pet owners take their non-human loved ones with them on holiday, a survey commissioned by Royal Canin pet food makers showed Monday.
    A full 76% of respondents said they "very much or fairly" in favor of bringing a pet along on holiday, according to the study by Squadrati pollsters.
    As well, 47% of dog owners and 20% of cat owners "always" bring their pet with them on holiday.
    A website called Solo Affitti Vacanze has partnered with the National Animal Protection Agency (ENPA) to provide a portal for pet owners who want to find animal-friendly vacation solutions.
    The portal,, lists over 21,000 accommodations that welcome domestic animals.
    The site also provides information about options for animal transport.
    Besides cats and dogs, many airlines also allow animals such as birds, ferrets, fish, rodents, and turtles.
    The most animal-friendly destination in Europe is Switzerland, where 63% of accommodations allow pets, followed by Germany at 60.
    A HotelTonight ranking of Italy's most pet-friendly cities showed Turin, Milan, and Bologna as the top three, with Rome in 10th place.
    For Italians who opt to have a pet-free holiday, however, 65% turn to family and friends to take care of their domestic animals, the Squadrati study said.