Pope Francis given Expo medal

Designed by sculptress Laura Creatara

(ANSA) - Rome, March 4 - Pope Francis on Wednesday was given the Expo 2015 world's fair commemorative medal, sources said Wednesday.
    The medal designed by sculptor Laura Creatara and made in ecological metal with a diameter of 150mm is "the biggest official mintage ever made for a Universal Exhibition," Expo said in a note.
    It is etched with words said by the pope in February: "The Earth is not an inheritance from our parents but a loan from our children". It is etched on one side with a symbol of the pontiff's "tree of life" signifying world unity. The symbol is made up of five leaves from plants that symbolize each continent: agrimony for Africa, maple for the Americas, pothos for Asia, oak for Europe and eucalyptus for Oceania.
    The medal is "the memento that is most in demand at Milan's Expo Gate," the statement said.