Over 50% of Italy firm debt speculative

At risk debt worldwide may rise to $19 tn

(ANSA) - Rome, October 16 - Over 50% of Italy's business debt is speculative, the International Monetary Fund said Wednesday.
    This is despite "considerable falls registered since the financial crisis," it said.
    Some 50% of debt issued by firms in the United States and China is speculative grade or high-risk, the IMF said.
    The percentage is "even higher in Italy, Spain and Great Britain despite the notable falls seen since the financial crisis".
    Worldwide, businesses' ability repay debt is "weakening", the IMF said.
    In the event of material economic slowing, firms' at risk debt may rise to 19 trillion dollars, it said.
    The Italian economy has been emerging from a triple-dip recession.
    But there have been recent signs that it may be falling back into recession.
    The government is aiming to boost the economy with its 2020 budget.
    The bill features tax cuts and a boost in investments for a 'green new deal'.