Lufthansa puts self forward on Alitalia

Experience needed, Lufthansa has it says Benetton

(ANSA) - Rome, October 9 - Lufthansa sent Italian railways company FS a letter on Tuesday putting itself forward as a commercial partner in the newco for the new Alitalia, sources said on Wednesday. FS is the leading member of a group of investors ready to back a possible rescue of the troubled former flag carrier, which has been in extraordinary administration since 2017, along with Benetton-led Atlantia and Delta Air Lines.
    "We have always said that the Italian market is very important for us," a Lufthansa spokesman told ANSA, saying the company did not want to comment on rumours.
    He also said that the German airline had always voiced interest in a "restructured Alitalia", via a commercial partnership.
    Atlantia, the partner company of Italian motorway group Autostrade per l'Italia (ASPI), recently raised doubts about the rescue plan and said it may not be able to take part if it continues to risk losing its highway concessions. ASPI is accused of failing to take the necessary action to prevent the Morandi-bridge collapse in Genoa last year in which 43 people died. Luciano Benetton, the Benetton Group's executive chairman, suggested Wednesday that he would like to see Lufthansa involved in the new Alitalia.
    "The aim must be to give Alitalia a real future, not a delay or a transitory solution," Luciano Benetton told ANSA at an event in London.
    "I have seen what Lufthansa did in the acquisition of other airlines.
    "Lufthansa has lots of experience and the Alitalia project should have technical and management experience too".