Spread at lows, govt trusts it will fall

We have market confidence, will get more says PM

(ANSA) - Milan, July 12 - The bond spread has fallen to recent lows and the government "trusts" it will fall further, Premier Giuseppe Conte said Friday.
    "The spread is at its lowest since May 2018 and we trust it will fall still more," Conte said on the sidelines of the Italian Banking Association's annual assembly.
    He said the fact that the government had averted an EU debt infringement procedure with a 7.6 billion euro supplementary budget "is helping".
    Conte said "we have the confidence of the markets and we trust that we will gain it ever more and continue in this direction.
    "Obviously we are keeping the accounts in order but the problem is we don't want to do it with repressive measures but with measures that allow growth and job (creation)".