EU doubts on Italy dispelled says Tria

0.2% 2019 growth forecast 'remains valid' says econ min

(ANSA) - Milan, July 12 - European Union doubts on Italy's commitment to respecting deficit and debt rules have been dispelled, Economy Minister Giovanni Tria told the annual general meeting of the Italian Banking Association (ABI) on Friday.
    He also said that the government's forecast of 0.2% growth this year "remains valid", and that growth since the start of the year had been "satisfactory".
    "The doubts unduly spread about our government's policy coherence with the framework of European rules have been dispelled," he said on ABI's 100th anniversary celebrations.
    "The government has shown its firm will to maintain a role in Europe," he said.
    The government recently passed a 7.6 billion euro supplementary budget to avert an EU infringement procedure for breaking the debt rule.
    Tria said the budget deal with the European Commission had boosted Italy's credibility "without cutting spending".
    He also said banking reforms had made the system more solid.
    Tria has vowed it will stick to EU rules in net year's budget while passing a sweeping tax reform to include a dual rate 'flat tax'.
    Italy has earned a positive vote from EU fiscal officials, who say however they will be closely watching the 2020 budget bill.