First navigator test starts

To become basic income job placement officers

(ANSA) - Rome, June 18 - The first exam for the the so-called 'navigators' who will help people get a job under the government's new basic income started Tuesday.
    Some 54,000 candidates to become basic income 'navigators' have gathered in Rome for the next three days to claim one of the 2,980 posts available, organisers said.
    Many of them come from southern Italy and 73% of them are women.
    Out of the first 9,000 candidates, only 35% turned up. They are bidding to get an annual salary of over 27,000 euros gross.
    Under the basic income scheme, job seekers will lose the benefit if they refuse three job offers.
    The candidates had 100 minutes to complete the written test.
    "It was easy," said one candidate.