Jerusalmi hails meeting with Tria

Euro MTS will return to Milan shortly

(ANSA) - Milan, March 4 - Italian bourse company Borsa Italiana CEO Raffaele Jerusalmi on Monday hailed a meeting with Economy Minister Giovanni Tria in which mutual interests were coverd.
    After talks on institutional issues and Brexit, Jerusalmi said "the government's interest towards the Bouse and its sensitivity towards the Bourse are evident because they realise perfectly that businesses are a fundamental part of the country". Jerusalmi underscored that "a Bourse that works well is in the interest of all, so there is certainly a lot of attention on that.
    "Inside our group we have the MTS platform which handles the Italian public debt and on that obviously there is always great interest and great attention".
    As for Brexit, the bourse CEO said "euro MTS will return to Milan shortly. Since no one knows exactly what will happen with Brexit, we'll see if there are other opportunities in the future, but for the moment we have already brought something home and that's not bad". Jerusalmi added: "the process of privatisation is still in course and potentially there are always interesting firms that could arrive at a listing. We'll see what the government decides".