No bank risk, ready to step in -Salvini

Italian banking system more solid than Germany's

(ANSA) - Rome, November 7 - Italy's banks face no risks at the moment but the government is ready to step should they arise, Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini said Wednesday.
    Asked if there were measures in the pipeline to protect the banking system, he replied "there is no risk. The Italian banking system is much more solid, barring rare exceptions, than the German banking system".
    "If there were a need, but i don't think there is, for any type of intervention, we are ready in a quarter of an hour.
    "This to make possible speculators understand that they are spending their money badly if they are betting on Italian problems.
    "We are ready, in all scenarios, to cover and support the savings of Italians".
    There has been speculation that banks may be weakened by a persistently high bond yield spread with Germany, sparked by a budget row with the EU.