Genoa collapse costs transport 116 mn

Conftrasporto-Confcommerico estimate

(ANSA) - Cernobbio, October 9 - The collapse of Genoa's Morandi Bridge two months ago has caused 116 million euros in damages to road-transport businesses that transit the Genoa area, amounting to two million euros per day, according to a study by retail transport group Conftransport and retail group Confcommercio. The bridge collapse made the journey to cross Genoa from Levante to Ponente 120 km longer, and 70 km longer going the other direction.
    This has increased costs by 568,500 euros daily, 80% of which is borne by transport companies and 20% by production companies with their own transport vehicles.
    Conftrasporto said the average increase of one hour in travel time caused by traffic congestion due to the bridge collapse brings additional costs of about 265,200 euros for the approximately 4,000 lorries that enter and exit the port of Genoa daily, with an additional cost of 2.08 million euros for the 31,500 heavy vehicles that cross the city.