DEF optimistic, not reassuring on debt

Basic income, pension overhaul mustn't threaten accounts

(ANSA) - Rome, October 9 - The government's DEF economic blueprint paints an "optimistic macroeconomic picture in the light of the current trends of the international economic cycle" and is "not reassuring" nor "in line with debt rules" on bringing down the debt/GDP ratio, the Audit Court said Tuesday.
    Court President Angelo Buscema also said discounts and amnesties "affect the equity of the fiscal system".
    It said they might also "introduce new distortions in the choices adopted in the world of work".
    Buscema was speaking to parliament in a hearing on the update to the DEF, which sets Italy's three-year budget plans.
    He voiced the hope that a "more structural revision of the tax system" would be forthcoming.
    Buscema also said social-security measures against poverty should be adopted "without putting at risk the financial sustainability of the system".
    He was referring to a basic income and a pension reform overhaul.