Breach 3% if needed for country's safety

Govt unhappy with economic trend

(ANSA) - Lucca, August 31 - The government may breach the EU's 3% budget deficit-to-GDP ratio if it is "necessary to put the country into safety", Cabinet Secretary Giancarlo Giorgetti said Friday.
    The government is "absolutely" not happy with how the economy is going, Giorgetti added.
    "We have the ambition, some would same the temerity, to bring Italy to a rate of growth above 2-3%"," he said.
    The anti-migrant Euroskeptic League will no longer be able to exist if all its funds are confiscated, Giorgetti said on an upcoming sentence September 5 on whether to seize all the party's funds because of past embezzlement of 49 million euros by former leader Umberto Bossi and others.