Cut labour costs,golden pensions-Di Maio

Boost firms that can grow

(ANSA) - Rome, July 3 - Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio said Tuesday the government aims to cut so-called 'golden pensions' as well as labour costs to businesses that can grow.
    Di Maio vowed to cut so-called 'golden pensions', those paying over 5,000 euros a month. "I have made another commitment to the Italians: now let's cut the golden pensions," he said on Italian TV.
    "We'll frame a bill in the Senate and I hope to approve it by the end of the summer", said the deputy premier and leader of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement.
    Di Maio also vowed to cut Italian firms' labour costs. Speaking on Italian TV, Di Maio said a reduction in labour costs aimed at incentivising those firms that can grow will be introduced in the next budget bill.
    "We'll cut labour costs, we're working on it for the budget bill," Di Maio said.
    He said the government will implement "a selective reduction in labour costs, on all firms that have growth margins, we will incentivise them".