Offshoring clampdown in 'dignity decree' (4)

Also 'light' fiscal package, postponement of means test

(ANSA) - Rome, July 2 - There will be a clampdown on firms who relocate their activities outside the European Union in the government's 'dignity decree' to be approved Monday evening, sources said.
    These firms will be fined asked to pay back any resources they may have received from the government.
    There will be a five-year time space between the aid and the sanctions. The 'dignity decree' also hikes compensation for unfair dismissal by 50% and overhauls former premier Matteo Renzi's Jobs Act labour-market reform via a "war" on precarious contracts, sources said Monday. It will also safeguard workers via "major" disincentives on unfair dismissals, the sources said. The compensation may reach the equivalent of 36 monthly wage packets, they said.
    The cabinet is expected to launch the decree in the coming hours.
    The decree, which has been shaped by Economy and Labour Minister Luigi Di Maio, will also contain a "light" fiscal package with a postponement of the deadline for reporting under the means test, sources said.
    The decree will also crack down on gambling advertising amid a gambling-addiction epidemic, excluding the Italian lottery and other lotteries with a delayed draw.
    Di Maio has also announced that the decree will contain measures to help people working in the gig economy and others with precarious contracts.