May never be TAV train - Toninelli (4)

Responds to Chiamparino's 'over my dead body' remark

(ANSA) - Turin, June 6 - The high-speed rail (TAV) line between Turin and Lyon may never see a train, Transport Minister Dario Toninelli said Wednesday. Responding to Piedmont Governor Sergio Chiamparino's vow that "they'll have to go over my dead body to stop it", Toninelli said "Chiamparino always makes nice quips but I would tell him to put his mind at ease.
    "There may never be, on that line, a train passing over his d dead body".
    Toninelli is a senior member of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), which has vowed to stop the TAV line.
    The M5S is in a coalition with the rightist populist League, which has said the TAV project must be looked at and possibly revised.
    Toninelli said later "I only answered a quip from the governor with another quip.
    "The atmosphere is serene with Chiamparino, I'll meet him in the next few weeks.
    "There will be collaboration at all institutional levels, that is my task".