Italferr gets BIM certification

CEO Carganico says firm a step ahead of competitors

ROME - Italferr, a company of Italian railway group Ferrovie dello Stato (FS), is the first among Italian engineering firms to obtain a Bim (Building Modeling Information) certification, Italferr said in a statement. The certification, the company said, "was awarded by Icmq, one of Italy's leading certification agencies operating in the engineering and construction sectors".
    Bim is a new computer system for building processes that is revolutionizing the world of civil projects and major construction works. The company's CEO, Carlo Carganico, said that, "this methodology, in which Italferr is a leader, enables us to be a step ahead of our competitors and, most of all, to assure more integrated planning to guarantee better quality as well as faster timing and lower costs compared in the entire cycle of a project's life".
    It is a method with benefits for planners as well as for the final users. Italferr cited as an example a railway station.
    "Bim is fundamental because it enables a more effective and targeted maintenance, starting with all information within the station's model, which generates huge advantages if it is extended to the whole railway or road infrastructure", said Italferr.
    The implementation of Bim also has economic advantages, the company explained. The methodology allows to cut costs and the benefits include planning and construction as well as maintenance.
    Italferr continued with the example of the railway station: "with a Bim model available, a simple tablet would be enough to visualize the construction site digitally, verifying the stage of construction, controlling in real time how construction is progressing and monitoring all phases, immediately implementing changes, if necessary", continued Italferr. The company now has an internal branch dedicated to Bim as well as specific professional positions including a 'Bim manager'.
    Italferr has planned with Bim some of the most complex connections in Italy, including parts of the Naples-Bari itinerary (Apice-Hirpinia, Hirpinia-Orsara and Orsara Bovino), the maintenance system of Bologna's rail material, the renovation of buildings of Florence Romito and the railway connection between the Venice-Trieste line and Venice's Marco Polo airport.
    The certification provided by Icmq to Italferr "is an element of distinction and excellence on the market and sers the company in a leading position within the implementation of Decree n.
    560/2017, the so-called Bim decree", which states that, by 2019, stations must use Building Information Modeling for work worth more than 100 million euros, Italferr said. This will reportedly be extended by 2025 to all public projects.