Contrasting signals on EMA (3)

(ANSA) - Milan, February 9 - Brussels is sending mixed signals on Milan's bid to get the European Medicines Agency (EMA) back from Amsterdam but "we believe in it and we'll go forward," Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni said Friday. Maroni was speaking on the same day that Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala said he wanted to be heard by the European Parliament. Sala also said he had prepared a request to be allowed access to all relevant documentation.
    On Thursday Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin said that the Dutch were not honest about their winning bid for Amsterdam to be the post-Brexit home of the EMA. The Italian government and the city of Milan are appealing after doubts were raised about whether Amsterdam will be ready to host the agency. "Critical points have emerged in the bid," Lorenzin told a press conference. "The Dutch sold us a pup and that is too much, even from a merchant country.
    "The (bid) dossiers must be truthful.
    "If we had presented a pack with a brick instead of a TV, what would the others have said? They would have said it was a typical Italian move".
    Also Thursday, the European parliament's whips conference approved an EP mission to Amsterdam to verify the conditions for moving the EMA there from London after Brexit, EP President Antonio Tajani said. The mission will take place on February 22.
    The city of Milan on Wednesday presented a petition to the European Court of Justice for it to suspend the transfer of the EMA from London to Amsterdam pending its appeal.
    Milan lost out to Amsterdam to host the EMA after lots were drawn as a vote among EU member States ended in a draw.
    Milan requested the suspension, alongside the main appeal, using a special procedure for urgent requests requiring intervention to avoid serious, irreparable damage.
    "I don't want to give up on EMA," said Milan Mayor Sala.
    "It seems to me that the doubts about the Dutch proposal increase every day.
    "The first step now is a visit to the Commission on the 12th".
    The EMA, however, said Wednesday that the temporary home Amsterdam plans to provide it while it prepares new, tailor-made premises will enable it to keep working as it moves from London.
    "The interim solution ensures EMA's business continuity in Amsterdam for the limited time until its new permanent building is completed on 15 November 2019," the EMA said in a statement after an extraordinary meeting of its management board on Tuesday.