Govt ready to appeal EMA Milan loss (3)

Amsterdam stopgap solution 'not optimal' says Rasi

(ANSA) - Rome, January 29 - The government is ready to plead with the European Commission and competent European authorities for a possible reconsideration of the decision that assigned the European Medicines Agency (EMA) by lot to Amsterdam over Milan, in light of EMA chief Giudo Rasi's comment that a stopgap solution for the agency proposed by the Dutch city is not "optimal", sources said Monday. Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala said earlier Amsterdam's problems as future host of EMA were "evident" and he was "in touch with Premier (Paolo) Gentiloni to assess all possible initiatives".
    Commenting on an alarm issued by EMA chief Rasi, Sala said he agreed with Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni, and that "we confirm that Milan is able to meet the required deadline, both for the office and for all the other conditions".
    Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini said "Amsterdam is not ready to host the European Medicines Agency and the government should re-present Milan's bid" for the post-Brexit site of the agency. "It is important to act quickly in the interest of European citizens," she said.
    Milan lost out to the Dutch city as new EMA host in a tie-break lottery last year.
    It had led previous rounds of voting for the new home of the agency after it moves from London after Brexit.
    Dutch officials said earlier the EMA would be housed in temporary accommodation in Amsterdam before a new headquarters is completed for the agency's relocation from London.
    Rasi, for his part, said the Amsterdam building destined for EMA was not yet ready and the stopgap solution proposed by the Dutch "is not optimal" because it "halves" the space of the London office.
    This would add "layers of complexity", he said, to the agency's move and would lengthen the time needed to begiung functioning fully again.