'Passion and ethics' to fight fake news

Easy solutions to complex issues on social media

(ANSA) - Milan, November 29 - Passion, responsibility and ethics are the only ways to fight fake news, a Milan gathering on Social Media Marketing Day with ANSA editor-in-chief Luigi Contu heard Wednesday.
    "Fake news has always existed, but social media has made it pervasive" said Contu.
    "It's one thing to write an incorrect piece of news and something else to spread deliberately incorrect information.
    "Civilisation is born from doubt. But a certain use of social media risks easing doubt, supplying easy solutions to complex problems" One example is news about delicate and specialist topics such as health, science and technology, the forum heard.
    Ever since news was written directly for the public and not for specialists and experts, Contu said, ANSA adopted protocols shared with scientific institutions like the Higher Health Institute (ISS), the Accademia dei Lincei, and the health ministry to supplement the pure news item with the views of important experts who could help readers fully grasp the issues in the article.