Not time for depressive rules in EU (3)

Take advantage of eurozone growth

(ANSA) - Rome, October 2 - Premier Paolo Gentiloni said Monday that in Europe "this is ot the time for depressive rules, it the time for jobs, industry, competitiveness. He said "the eurozone is growing in a homogeneous way, this space must become concrete by moving on some great priorities citizens are asking us for". Gentiloni said the first point was to "accompany the growth of our economies" via concrete themes like "steel, the webtax, and infrastructure investments at a European level".
    He said "the stability of this phase must be reinforced, cared for, it must not be taken for granted, a lot depends on the capacity we will have to go towards a more ambitious phase in the EU's development." He said that the recent Tallinn summit had shown on the digital economy "the awareness that we are faced with a possibility, albeit with various nuances and different proposals". He said that Italy and Spain together could help usher in a "new European season" of opportunities.