Focusing on migrants, growth -Gentiloni (3)

Not interested in models, but expansive policies

(ANSA) - Rome, September 29 - Premier Paolo Gentiloni said in Tallinn Friday that "we are concerned that the EU ambition is above all in the management of security, in migratory issues and investments in Africa." He also stressed the importance of a "greater integration on the economic level with a relaunch of expansive growth policies." These issues will be discussed over the coming months, he said, and the debate may not at times be "easy". He said "we're not interested in models but in relaunching expansive policies". Gentiloni said on his arrival at the Digital Summit in Tallinn that "I hope that the government which will be set up in Germany will contribute to the drive necessary for growth and employment policies." He said the level of collaboration with Chancellor Angela Merkel "has always been positive".
    Gentiloni said ahead of the Tallinn summit that the EU's response to current issues "must be ambitious". He said "today is the time for the various European policies to give themselves a switch-up in ambition". "I'm convinced we can arrive at steps forward," he said.