Sicily, Molise, Urbino on NYT 2020 travel list

Among 52 top destinations worldwide

(ANSA) - New York, January 9 - Sicily, Molise and Urbino are on the New York Time's list of the 52 top travel destinations this year.
    Sicily was seventh on the list, with the daily citing "sustainable rebirth and culinary heritage on a volcanic island".
    Molise was 37th, with the NYT saying "If you're in search of untrammeled, traditional Italy, you've found it".
    Urbino came 51st, and the Times said "celebrate the life and work of one of Italy's greatest Renaissance artists", referring to the 500th anniversary of hometown artist Raphael's death.
    photos: Raphael's Madonna Aldobrandini and Urbino's snow-swept Galleria