'Garibaldi's shield' found in Rome architect's home

Gift from Sicilian people went missing in early 2000s

(ANSA) - Rome, December 19 - Carabinieri art cops have tracked down a sculpture known as 'Garibaldi's shield' in the home of a Rome architect. The 'shield' is a sculpture given to Giuseppe Garibaldi, the hero of the Risorgimento movement that reunified Italy in the 19th century, out of gratitude from the people of Sicily.
    It was made by Antonio Ximenes, the father of the more famous sculptor Ettore Ximenes, has a diameter of 118cm and weighs around 50 kilos.
    The shield was subsequently donated to the city of Rome, which kept in the the Capitoline Museums before transferring it to the National Risorgimento Museum in the capital's Vittoriano complex. The work then went missing, apparently in the early 2000s. Carabinieri are investigating to get to the bottom of how it vanished and ended up in an architect's flat.