Northern town refuses Shoah stumbling stones

Veneto governor offers regional spaces amid row

(ANSA) - Vicenza, November 28 - The northern Italian town of Schio near Vicenza has rejected an opposition motion to install 'stumbling stones' to recall those deported from Italy to Nazi death camps.
    A centre right civic list that controls the town council rejected a motion from the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) to place the stones around the town.
    Alberto Bertoldo of the 'We Citizens' list said the stones "risk bringing new hatred and divisions".
    "Let us leave the victims rest in peace," he added.
    Renzo Sella, another councillor on the list, said "how can we think of just recalling some people, to the detriment of others?" On Thursday the head of Venice's Jewish community, Paolo Gnignati, said "what has happened in Schio, the way in which they decided to say no to laying down the stones not only embitters us but deeply offends us and it can only arouse dismay and apprehension".
    In a letter to Veneto Governor Luca Zaia, Gnignati said he welcomed Zaia's offer of regional property for hosting the stones. "We thank you and all those citizens who in these hours are showing their dismay and incredulity at the news coming to us from Schio".
    Zaia, a member of the nationalist League party, said "today I heard from the president of Venice's Jewish community Paolo Gnignati, to whom I expressed solidarity and the availability of the region, offering regional properties and adjacent spaces for positioning the stumbling stones where there are opportune motives and historic references".
    Many of the Jews in Schio were deported and died in the Shoah, or Holocaust.